Introduction To Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity refers to the protection of computers, computer-related systems, networks, hardware and software from hackers. The main purpose is to save important data and avoid unethical use of network systems. Moreover, cybersecurity is a proactive approach that protects the computer’s hardware, software, applications and all digital assets from any kind of cyberattack. PURPOSE OF CYBERSECURITY …

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Cybersecurity Certifications you should consider

If you want to pursue your career in cybersecurity or you are already a cybersecurity professional and want to polish your skills and lift the game up, then these cybersecurity certifications will surely help you. In COVID-19 pandemic, cybersecurity remains the top priority as companies continue to work remotely. The cyberattacks can lead to the …

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is all about storing and accessing data, and applications over the internet instead of deploying them in your personal computer or any hardware storage. It allows us the online access to computer services and resources. These resources include servers, databases, networks and software. Instead of storing your data on hard drive or local …

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